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As I had already shared few glimpses of my last weekend activity, the Fashion Blogger Meet with Sassy Stripes (if you’ve missed – check it on Facebook (my official page),



I also promised you that I will share the event on next blog post detailing what happened there!



First of all, I would like to thank Kolkata Bloggers team for arranging such a wonderful genre-centric Fashion Bloggers Meet (to my view – it’s first of its kind in Kolkata) with Sassy Stripes.

Unlike many other cities of India where bloggers are getting enough opportunities and networks to work with and evolve, Kolkata in parallel is lagging way behind and brands like Sassy Stripes can act like a filler in that void.

So let us learn a bit about the fashion brand – Sassy Stripes before we go ahead.

ABOUT Sassy Stripes:

A newly launched Women Fashion Brand, started their journey last year in the month of November, because of their unique positioning of their fashion products (which includes OuterwearDresses & JumpsuitsTop Bottom ) and their sincerity their journey has been good and steady till date, I believe.

The fashion brand is driven by three women entrepreneurs – Monika, Karishma and Pooja.


Co-Founders of Fashion Brand-Sassy StripesMonikaKarishmaPooja

What differentiate Sassy Stripes from other lifestyle/fashion brands:

After interacting with the team and my fellow bloggers at Story Bookstore(the venue of the event), I feel when a girl shop at another online store, she may get a seasonal discount and end up buy a dress at a range Rs. 500 to Rs. 800 but had to compromise with the quality or the trends quotient in most cases.

So, as a Bengali’s mega festival coming near can you guarantee the girl will get a traditional dress in accordance to her appropriate choice – regional culture – type? I really doubt !!

Here, Sassy’s unique and custom fashion wears come into play. The reason you need to visit their web store before the occasion is simple, they have a wide variety of imported quality outfits yet offering style the girl next door would feel comfortable to wear.

Well, are you feeling cornered? Wondering the price would be high !!

Trust me, they are not. Sassy Stripes dresses and accessories are available without burning your pocket.

The fashion products start at a price Rs. 899. I believe considering the quality, unique look and comfort it worth paying every penny.

Well, there is an exclusive surprise for you from my side and Sassy. Please be patient till the end and we are almost there.

Design matters and Sassy Stripes understand it better:

At the end of the session I took a close look at the dresses displayed at the back end of the floor.

See below for some of the glimpses of those outfits displayed for us.


A glance at sassy Stripes Dress after the event with a co-founder


I even consulted some of the finest fashion bloggers on the floor to approve my view and all I can conclude is that the designs are mostly trendy – eye catchy and another fashion blogger – Sumelika (now my friend) also feels,

“Their style of clothing are inspired by the designs at Fashion Weeks.”


A glance at Sassy Stripes Dresses after the event


The USP of Sassy Stripes is the balance between the imported trends and the touch of innovation keeping in mind the shape and comfort of Indian women.


The Exclusive Discount Coupon Code(The Best Part of the post):

As you finally came till here, I thank you for being so patient and as a token of appreciation I manage to bag an EXCLUSIVE COUPON CODE for my readers,

USE THIS CODE: sassyabhirup15


By this unique code, you become a privileged buyer and get an awesome 15% discount on any product you buy from




These amazing photographs were mostly taken by Subrata Dey & his team – Do check out their website: . I love their work.

The Roundup Discussion on Whatsapp group -#SassyKolkataBloggers:


As an extension of this blog post, I wanted to honour the last #SassyKolkataBloggers Meet, so I had created The Roundup Discussion on Whatsapp and invited the participant fashion bloggers, friends and team Sassy.

So, below are the questions I have had asked and following to that are the responses I got.


As Bengali’s mega festival – Durga Puja is coming near…
We all are excited, gearing up and must have different plan in accordance.

As we all are expecting to make this event(Durga puja) most exciting and memorable unlike before…

  • #1. What fashion wear(in general- male/female) do you suggest us that will be comfortable and worth praising?… it better if you suggest based on current trends.
  • #2. What food (plus best-suggested eatery point) do you suggest us to have while pandal hopping that will be healthy yet worth remembering for long?
  • #3. As girls will put-up lot/lil‘ of cosmetics(which may also include fashion accessories for male), what is the safest yet good makeup tips that you would like to suggest us?


ResponseS :


01. Clara Gomez – 【Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger】
Suggest to visit her blog: Beautifullyme

Ans 1) Fashion Wear: I am a lover of tradition,  be it Indian tradition,  or Western tradition.  I am the type who will wear a Saree or a Lehenga to a Bengali wedding and a formal or cocktail dress to a Christian wedding.  So needless to say I always wear ethnic wears during the puja days (mostly when I’m at my hometown). However keeping the Kolkata pandal hopping rush in mind,  Saree is out of the question.  I would go for skinny fitting jeans or a jeggins and a funky cape or a shrug (depending on the weather) with a top.

Ans 2) Food: Santa’s Fantasea or Mrs Magpie

Ans 3) Makeups: Start with a clean canvas. Use a good primer so that the makeup doesn’t get messed up.  Wear a lightweight foundation (cushion compact if it’s daytime). Go with usual festive makeup routine just keeping in mind that it doesn’t get messed up


02). Sumelika Das【Fashion & Travel Blogger】
Suggest to visit her blog: Mynotsosecretdiary

Ans 1) Fashion Wear: I would wear some solid colour and pair it up with a colourful printed maxi skirt or palazzo pants. It’ll have the indo western vibe to it and will be easy breezy for the weather.
Maybe wear an elegant dress for dinner if much pandal hopping is not involved

Ans 2) Food: Also I think puja is the best time to cheat on your diet so people should try Calcutta street foods as much as possible and for meals some authentic Bengali cuisine restaurant

Ans 3) Makeups: Makeup should be minimum and light since the weather is very humid.
A little touch up with a bright colour lipstick and kohl is perfect


03) Riyanka Sarkar【Fashion Blogger】
Suggest to visit her blog: amysteriousgirl

Ans 1) Fashion wear: The trend that should hit the Durga puja this year are the dhoti sarees…actually wearing a Saree in dhoti style…it’s a perfect blend of Indian and western attire…not only is this stylish but also comfortable

Ans 3) Makeup: Boys usually don’t like wearing makeup…but one-time application of a compact powder can actually help them…it will make them look fresh and will also get rid of excessive sweating.

If the above exclusive briefing about the fashion event in town helpful to you, Leave your feedback, below the comment box I would love to hear from you.

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The Fashion Bloggers have already shared their views on the coming mega festivals call Durga Puja-Dussehra – hope that definitely helped you to figure… some unique fashion. If you want to share your ideas with us – Feel free – I would love to hear from you.

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9 thoughts on “Bloggers Meet with Fashion Brand Sassy Stripes in Association with #KolkataBloggers

    1. Abhirup Post author

      This Bloggers Meet at Kolkata was a unique experience for all bloggers present there. The brand Sassy Stripes had range of dress with an option to order custom demand dress for your girl at home.

      Thanks for your feedback at AbhirupsBlog… please, do visit again.


    2. Abhirup Post author

      This Bloggers Meet at Kolkata was a unique experience for all bloggers present there. The brand Sassy Stripes had a range of dress with an option to order custom demand dress for your girl at home.

      Thanks for your feedback at AbhirupsBlog… please, do visit again.


  1. Subrodey

    This is very well written, thank you Abhirup. I really like the flow of the read and oh boy you remember details like a pro. Keep up the good work, you are a very important aspect of the enire meet and the group or so you’ve proven to be.

    1. Abhirup Post author

      Hey, Subro – Thank you so much…. it means a lot to me.
      Keep supporting…. looking fwd for some great collab with Sassy & your team.

      I really wish you & team to keep up the good work.

    1. Abhirup Post author

      Thank you – Clara.
      It really feels good to get a compliment from a specialist in this stream – one like you.
      Keep supporting.. be in touch.

  2. Sumelika Das

    Wonderfully written. It takes a lot of courage to write on something that you don’t know much of. But you paid attention to everything they said, remembered and understood them and came up with this beautiful post. And the idea of writing on Puja fashion food and makeup was very innovative. Glad to be a part of it. Definitely going to share it. :)

    1. Abhirup Post author

      You like it!
      That’s awesome.

      Thank you for all you said.
      It’s my pleasure to mention you & your opinion in the post.

      I am looking frwd for some unique collab with you….. if I get a chance.

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