LIGHTLEAKS – Learn how a video tool can transforms bland footage into an alluring & dedicated look


Hey, my lovely Students and Readers, today I have come up with another trendy and very happening topic,

I am going to discuss on a video editing tool called LIGHTLEAKS.


Many of my fellow filmmakers and editors have started using this process in various commercial films to independent movies – wedding

wedding filmers – especially music videos use it too common that make their video POP!


LIGHTLEAKS is one of the easiest effects in film or video editing platform to apply on video clips,

it is very helpful to generate warmth – texture – depth or even emotion to your visual plot or sequences.


If you are a newbie editor or passionate about it and seriously want to give LIGHTLEAKS a go but if you’re a little confused where to start from,

read this article, as I have created what and when the guide to help you get the most out of lightleaks and the process to create unique and beautiful videos you would love to create and share.


Let’s get back to the basics as we discover, what are LightLeaks?

Lightleaks were first used back in the days when film was shot on celluloid,

and would occur when a small crack appeared in a cameras light-tight chamber.


This would accidentally let a tiny bit of light stream in and expose the film, thus creating a “light leak”.


This leaked light would diffuse across the film, creating a flare of light across the image.

Back then this was considered a mistake,

but in recent times many filmmakers – video creators have actively sought to include light leaks in their video footage,

striving to get the unique look they provide.


Now, let’s find out when to use Lightleaks in our video footage?

Lightleaks are used to alter the vibe of footage in a couple different ways.

These include:

  • Giving footage a classic, vintage look and feel.
  • Creating energy and hype by infusing colour into the image or transforming bland footage into something unique.


Though the possibilities are endless, I give you examples of the type of videos I have edited (recent) and the effects (lightleaks)

include independent fiction films – wedding videos – sports videos and music videos to name few.


Applying Light Leaks In Music Videos:


Music videos require a bit more atmosphere in their footage to really make a person feel they are there.

Using light leaks can add energy and excitement, particularly when you incorporate lens flares or blue tinged light leaks.


Applying Light Leaks In Wedding Videos & Independent Films:


Film or Wedding filmers footage requires warmth, romance and softness to truly capture the emotion of the occasion.

By simply adding lightleaks and changing the blend/composite mode you can give your footage a delicate look

and make your video really stand out in the eyes of your client or film producer.


Applying Light Leaks In Sports Videos:


Unlike wedding videos or creative films, sports videos need a more energetic feel to really set the scene.

Consider light leaks with brighter colours like reds or oranges, and use rapid transitions and flickers to create liveliness and action.

I strongly feel, the process of applying lightleaks is quite simple and can be done in a matter of minutes.

The effects, however, are long lasting!


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