As a beginner in photography, which one should you buy a Point-&-Shoot Camera or a DSLR? – Explained


As DSLR’s are becoming relatively affordable, many newbie photography aspirants are wondering,

if it’s the time to buy a DSLR and get started.


To my view, photography is another powerful way of expressing your thought via visuals as like any other medium

i.e., writing, speaking, drawing or illustrations, film or video presentation etc.


So, it all starts with your imaginative thought and identifying those unique golden frames even before you press the shutter button.

You don’t necessarily require a professional based D-SLR if you are about to start from scratch,

the reason to that is, nowadays I find the modern point and shoot handy cameras have a long list of specialised featured and abilities.


Do you know?

This semi-DSLR (another name for point and shoot) are fast evolving with great semi-professional functionalities like

  • face detections,
  • GPS,
  • even few limited edition offer WiFi connectivity

making them more lucrative to young and daily need consumers.
With these extended properties inside such small and pocket-friendly photo guns have made photography market even more competitive

and can often confuse buyers with a long list of variety models to choose from at a tag nearly half the price of the entry-level DSLR’s.


I personally trust Canon and Nikon as photography brands,

but below are my listed points as to why you should buy a point and shoot camera as a beginner?:


  • The Price Tag:

Any point and shoot or semi-DSLR(with more set of fixed lens elements) the price will always be much lesser in comparison to DSLR cameras.

So it is always a better choice to start your photography with a fixed lens camera,

later you can upgrade to a DSLR where you can further customise with interchangeable lenses depending on your need.


  • Size Matters:

Especially if you’re a candid photographer, you will love to slip in a slim n small gadget that will perfectly fit inside your pocket.

You don’t need much photo gears associating with this camera,

so documenting a social event or a get-together video presentation will seem hassle free.


  • Less Weight:

Generally, point and shoot cameras are light in weight so likely they can be easily carried along without considering as an extra luggage.

I often prefer carrying an earlier Coolpix camera, whenever I go along (if not in a sincere purpose of shooting)

so I hardly miss out a candid moment that wasn’t planned for.

However, semi-SLR like cameras do have a little more weight because of the extra set lens elements that make the device lot more optically flexible more than regular point and shoot camera,

but in comparison to DSLR, it’s much lighter plus it doesn’t require too many additional accessories like dedicated DSLR’s in a shooting.


  • No Hassle in Interchanging Lens:

It’s always an issue for an early stage photographer, which lens to choose and when especially, they tend to feel panicked while shooting candid.

Being a fixed lens camera, the point and shoot camera or semi-SLR cameras,

you get a long range to optical zoom which is more than sufficient for cityscape photography or at a family event.


  • Infinite Depth of Field Range:

If I had to explain it in novice term, this fixed lens photo-guns can’t separate background from its foreground subject,

so we get a sharp image throughout, that means nothing seems to blur it that frame.


Although, it has got its own share of advantages and disadvantages.

But, if you’re not in a plan for creative photo-shoot, plain and simple still photography or even video shoots for family events, parties or documenting memories is perfectly done by these effective photo cameras at a pocket-friendly price range.




I hope this post has given you the idea why you should not invest in bigger priced DSLR’s?

when pocket-friendly point and shoot camera can offer you so much value when you are at your initial level of learning photography.


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