How to create Clickable Thumbnail for your YouTube video? – Guide for 2017 Youtuber’s


Data consumption in India has grown up multifold in the last 6 months,
experts believe that it’s due to the Reliance Jio aggressive entry into the telecom sector offering never before unlimited introductory 4G plans and free calls across India for a lifetime.
This increase in the data consumption has given a tremendous push to the YouTube creators and publishers
We have seen that the 1st generation contributors and popular YouTubers have taken the most out of it in terms of popularity, subscribers and scaling up to a wide span of online audiences.
Even many of the Bollywood filmy songs has crossed 150 to 170 million views in no time unlike before.
Bollywood Music Albums with 100+ Million views

Source: YouTube India

But, parallel to that, there is a downside to it, small, mid-level YouTube publishers are finding hard time to find visibility,
it has become a challenge to pop out of the crowd,
competing with the already well-known names on the internet
like Vidya Vox, Geeky Ranjit, Technical Guruji, Sanam or even some YouTube’s celebrity chefs.
If you’re among those strugglers whose creative videos are not finding enough space it deserves then this post is for you.
Once you have figured out your mission, as to why you want to be on YouTube and knowing your type of audiences and next step will be your preparation and once it’s done… You’re 70 percent ready for the wonderful journey on YouTube,
the world’s second-largest popular platform for your talent.
But, without the remaining 30%, it all remains incomplete,
e.i., if you don’t know how to reach out to your audience or get your channel discovered and standout of the crowd.

YouTube is a visual platform, people come here to see videos and often they check out videos out of the many, based on the video thumbnails. 

So, it needless to say video publishers who are creative in making good custom made thumbnail
(and not the default system generated) get the advantage, as people favour them more.
When you have a verified YouTube channel and having good standing committee guidelines,
you automatically qualify to upload a custom thumbnail(self-designed) based on your video.
Youtube clickable thunbnail design sample

Source Representative Visual- derraleves


Learn the right way to make YouTube thumbnails that are more appealing to viewers:

Tip 1.

Always make a custom thumbnail design with a sharp image representing what your video offers, no one likes blurred images so chances are viewers may not consider your video seriously.

Tip 2.

As YouTube can be assessed from different varieties, shapes and size of gadgets from Apple T.V. to Smartphones, Tablets to Desktop monitors, so your video thumbnail size will also vary or may even get smaller accordingly.
It is my suggestion to use bold, colourful graphics, legible text and clear designs with less clutter inside it.
Note: Avoid fine and small text images with less contrast BG.

Tip 3:

Try to use images or figures that add curiosity among viewers, but never ever use click-bait images which are irrelevant or misled. It may entice new viewers to click but if they feel cheated they may not come back again, so what’s the point of giving a bad experience before they leave?

Tip 4.

As it says, pictures worth 1000 words; 
use images or photographs(covering the maximum area of the thumbnail) in combination with relevant text to define what’s the video content all about?
I have noticed over the recent period that quality and subject oriented photographs or graphics engage more audiences on the internet especially, YouTube.

Tip 5.

It’s my advice to use a thumbnail with 1280 X 720 px. size and 72 ppi as resolution(light weight especially for web-based uploading). Otherwise, it will load slower on low internet corrections resulting audience will ignore the video and you lose your traffic.


The above suggestions or tips are based on my research, analysts and experiences together, so needless to say it’s unique and unlike those 10 others will find on the internet claiming authority.
Feel free to share your experiences in the comments after you have understood and followed the points mentioned above.
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  1. shikha saini

    very nice post . This literally worked for me . Creating the thumbnail to my video get me very helpful through this . keep up the work done. thank you for sharing such informative post.

    1. Abhirup Post author

      Hi, Shikha – I am pleased to know that this article has actually helped you for creating appealing thumbnail…. keep in touch & you may ask me to write to any other related post on Youtube….. love to do it for you….

  2. Nikhil Makwana

    Appreciated, I am in a plan to create a YouTube Channel for my blogs and for few Blogs I have already started with the videos. However, I have a less CTR compare to other YouTubers I know and enhancing my skills to get more CTR on my Videos.

    Creating an attractive thumbnail is one of the most important factors to increase CTR and me just useful information in this post.

    Keep writing, and I will continue reading and sharing.

    1. Abhirup Post author

      Thank you – Nikhil for such kind word n appreciation.

      Yes, If you are planning to make videos on YouTube do make Meaningful Thumbnail(Custom made..) via a designing software, If possible use Ps for that.

      Do take a note on the points ve mentioned in the post….. it’s tested once so you will get the result I believe.

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    1. Abhirup Post author

      off course, Niraj… first of all, thank you for giving your time and reading the post on YouTube thumbnail… well i will make a video or write a post answering your questions….

      Do Subscribe to my blog(if by chance have not done, yet)
      Check my youtube Channel too.

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