Let’s clear the confusion: Which is better Headphone or Earphones?



Today, I am going to clarify some of the basic doubts audio accessories we use regularly whether at work or play or casual stuff (one like, Which is better Headphone or Earphones?) that lead to so many confusions among young users  & I often get this kind of questions on social media in my community page  – on (Facebook/Twitter).

Before I go on with the comparison between  Headphone Vs Earphones?

Let us understand the basics…

In terms of audio quality, Headphones does differ a lot from Earphones (that we get generally from electronic devices like Smartphone).

There are an even lot of difference between In-Earphones & regular Earphones’  in terms of sound quality whereas there is also a difference between Open-back & Close-back Headphones as they produce difference in sound signature…

So, let me explain each part (EarPhones & Headphones) separately, along with inter-category(headphone or earphones)comparison & finally conclude whether Headphone is better or Earphones….


Earphones Inter-Comparision:

Earphones are usually those which to find bundled with gadgets like smartphones or tablets when you buy them from shops…


But they are found in two broad categories


  •  1. Regular or General EarPhones.
  •  2. In-EarPhones with additional buds attached.


The Regular earphones are flat looking ear pieces which are less comfortable in ears(especially in my case, it gives a lot of pain on prolonging use).These ear tools are generally average in sound quality too.

Whereas, when you get yourself a pair of In-Earphones, it is easy to get in and set inside your ears, especially it’s ideal when you are jogging or travelling outdoor – it doesn’t come out.

Secondly, the pair of In-Earphones is much better in sound quality and produces better bass.

Thirdly, as fits in it naturally cancel out ambience noise give you the option to experience a clearer sound.

But, in general Earphones are useful as it is small in size, hassle free to carry outdoor… it usual fit in your trousers pocket.


Mid-Range Headphones Inter-Comparision:


I specifically mentioned that I am comparing in terms of Mid-Range category as we normally use & the questions are also based upon the Mid-Range. (So, I didn’t take a chance to assume my way- I hope it’s OK).


As I previously said there are two major categories of Headphone:


  •  1. Open-Back Headphones
  •  2. Closed-Back Headphones


It is better to say than in comparison with Earphone – Headphones will definitely give a better sound experience although it takes a little more space & it doesn’t fit in your pocket.


The Open-Back Headphones do not have the outer cups at the back side & so I feel it give a more airy feel and so it is more comfortable to use for a long time but the con is that it does have a tendency to leak sound a bit when you raise the volume or play high beat sound… so when I travel in a bus or public transport I generally don’t prefer this, as it can annoy the person sitting very close to you(as you know I live in a city call Kolkata where at the time of congestion people tends to stick closer than usual… hahaha).

Closed-Back Headphones does have the outer cups at the back side so it cuts down the noise/ambience too and the closed design doesn’t allow to leak out sound like the earlier example does. Added to that the sound is even better than Open-Back Headphones being made in the closed design, it adds more depth in sound due to this reason.

But here, the con is that it tends to get a bit warmer after using for 40 to 45mins at a stretch (I do feel it most as I am a film editor while processing sound for a long time, it does feel a bit uncomfortable).




So, before I  draw a line to this post let me give my views.

1. If I had to consider in terms of portability I will opt for Earphones(especially the In-Earphones) because it’s portable & easy to carry around & it’s more than enough for listening to music, receive calls on the go.

2. If I am in a production house or busy in work, Headphone is an obvious choice giving preference to my Closed-Back Headphones for depth in sound & its noise cancelling ability.

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