Understanding the concept & choosing the best tool for Editing & Compositing Youtube Videos

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Often I get to hear a common question from many early stage aspiring video blogger or vlogger, they ask me what’s the difference between a compositing software and an editing software?

They often get confused when one had to choose between Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere CC(in common cases).

To clear the cloud around that confusion, let’s understand the basic difference which very few talk about.

How different is Adobe After Effects from Adobe Premiere? :

Adobe Premiere is specialised for working with audio and visual on the timeline.

It specifically helps to rearrange a/v clips, footage taken via motion camera(whether DSLR or mobile videos) in a sequential manner to produce a meaningful story.

It can be used to edit a clean interview video for YouTube , a short fiction film or be it a documentary for a travel blogger.

You can also record video screen shot for a software tutorial illustrations like Harsh Agarwal does and edit that recorded visual via Adobe Premiere.
It supports almost every professional format, you name it and you find it.

Adobe Premiere has many other professional functionalities like adding simple text for titling and video credits, adding latest transitions, colour correction to give an elegant look to your video like the mainstream media does.

Audio compositing with videos is best done in this program too.

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Whereas in the case of Adobe After Effects we can create digital motion graphics, eye-popping special effects or/and even short lengthed video compositing.

If you need to make an engaging intro video card or a creative animated opening title then After Effects is the tool you should be looking for. You will notice the most engaging YouTube videos starts with such opening motion graphic title.

Don’t forget, the end credit also plays a vital role, your audience’s subscription or willing to like and share rate depends on it too.

I guess you would definitely like to make a lasting impression on your viewers. So if you choose a motion graphics software like After Effects to make beautiful titles, I bet, you won’t regret!

You can also make animated name or/and product description strips if you make a lot of interview video or online guide related tutorials for either a fashion, food, lifestyle blogs as well.

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In a nutshell:

  • 1. While, after effects is ideal working for a shorter duration project and which has high demand to generate special effects, illusions.
  • 2. Adobe Premiere is better for working on a general editing project where the sequence length can go up to few minutes or even hours, especially the complex edits with a story telling.

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This journal was specifically focused on helping out video blogger or the bloggers willing to join vlogging in the near future.
Feel free to share any more suggestions(below) relating to video presentation editing software, if you find I have missed somewhere.

Which video editing tool do you use at present for your video tutorials/vlogs?
Please, share your experience about that software with my readers. Leave your reply in the COMMENT BOX BELOW.


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4 thoughts on “Understanding the concept & choosing the best tool for Editing & Compositing Youtube Videos

  1. Viraaj Palkar

    I mostly edit for my wife and sometimes for myself and found following Softwares quite comfortable…
    iMovie(Both versions iPhone/Macbook)
    then I switched to Vegas Pro 13 & 15 for 6 months.
    Final Cut Pro(FCP) I found that easy in beginning and As I got familiar it went too deep in terms of Learning Curve
    Finally Switched to Adobe CC pack and have been a stable user since…
    Premiere Pro is better software package so far I have used in 3 years of my Video Editing and Camera handling journey… After Effects learning curve is bad still however learning it though….

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