Asus PixelMaster Review : An Alternate Option For Candid Photo Enthusiast


I get upset when I miss out candid frame on my way to college & carrying my SLR always is not possible, I always wanted to have a portable cam that I can carry in my pocket hassle free ” said Durbar Mandal, now a professional photographer at Bengali film industry (also my class mate at college – Jadavpur )

I have quoted a line of Durbar Mandal when we were at college days, although we had SLR’s but it’s practically not possible to carry them at any time or all situations. Moments are spontaneous so they hardly care about our excuses. It was not the time as today, so portable devices were hard to find and own, so missing out priceless frames of spontaneous activities was a common disappointment to shutterbugs like Durbar, me and all others who love candid photography, we had to deal with it.
I exactly remember the excitement he(Durbar) had when his father gifted him the Cybershot on his following birthday, it’s a 10 years back story, but things have changed over the period of time, now even a school going student own a highly sophisticated camera which is his ultimate companion all day long, hope you understood, I mean the Smartphone.

Asus-Zenfone-PixelMaster-Camera-ReviewHaving said about the new era inventions, that’s Smartphones and its advantage in modern day photography, still in the early stages(few days before) many professional photographers had a problem accepting that mobile phone cameras can be an alternative option for professional candid photography. Things are changing, so do the old perception thanks to these cameras which are now powered by advanced unique scene detection technology and much professional functionality – Asus PixelMaster Technology is one of such innovative apps that empowers Asus Zenfone Smartphone’s and tablets, I am really excited using their features and also, it comes inbuilt with all Asus Smartphone’s .



Reason to choose Asus PixelMaster ::

ASUS PixelMaster is a unique technology developed by Asus that combines hardware, software and it’s optical designing excellence that offers a professional high-quality photography. To add more value, it fits your pocket so that you can never miss a moment again.


Photo-Snap Shots from Asus Zenfone

Advanced custom modes add lot of independence to creative photo geeks:

Even if you are a newbie to photography you can still manage to optimise your photos, thanks to the automatic mode, it’s highly effective as it auto sets the camera settings with respect to light and ambient conditions. But the unique part of this technology is their added Professional mode functionality like Super Resolution, HDR, Depth of field or Manual mode to name few. These advanced custom modes add a lot of independence to creative photo geeks and professionals.


Capture perfect moments even in dim-lit places – See What Others Can’t See::

Low light photography has always been a concern with mobile or handy-cams, but now you have a solution. PixelMaster has 2 modes – Low light and Night mode, these modes typically adjusts the background light to capture a picture perfect moments even in a dim-lit place.I rarely found these feature so consistent in any other devices.


Photo: Asus-Zenfone 5


Selfie Panoramic Mode :

The panoramic view is not a new thing in photography, but this new mode called selfie panorama has added a new value to all Selfie addict youngisthanis. Are you ready for a wide-scape group selfie with friends & family, if you haven’t tried this with your ZenFone, I bet you’ll try it now.


Remove unwanted character by Asus Smart Remove :

Smart Remove is the first and most unique feature I found on ASUS ZenFone, with a click on your screen you can remove background unwanted characters or moving elements to give your photo perfect mementos.


Advance Movie Camera Modes – Timelapse and Slow Motion camera mode :

Newbie filmmakers now have a reason to smile, if you own an ASUS ZenFone you don’t need a professional camera to create your collage film/diploma project. A high-speed camera and Slow speed camera mode give you the extra feature found in pro DSLR cameras, so no need to shed some extra money renting DSLR for slow motion videos or time-lapse shots, just go & shoot your first documentary with the portable smartphone – ASUS ZenFone power by PixelMaster Technology.


Hey, What are you waiting for! Grab your Asus Zenfone powered by PixelMaster Camera (get one if you don’t at an offer price here) and hunt for the unique moments & share your candid photos with me let’s see how creative you can be.
If you think this review will help you to make out maximum out of your portable photo guns (PixelMaster Camera powered by Asus Zenfone) leave your feedback below in the comment box. Share your photo stories with me too on my Facebook ProfileTwitterGoogle PlusLinkedin … don’t forget.

Asus Zenfone PixelMaster Camera Review
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Asus Zenfone PixelMaster Camera Review
ASUS PixelMaster is a unique technology by Asus & it’s optical designing excellence offers a professional high-quality photography. Learn More ...
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