Review on – An honest recommendation can earn you money from home – Learn How?


A detailed review on how to join & earn by mouthshut network
I know a lot of people in my circle mostly the youngsters who are constantly in search of easy money making sources.

You can get a lot of such sources(which seem to be lucrative)at a click of a mouse on websites like Google or Yahoo.

Young minds are often finding sense following them as it hardly requires much effort or efficiency.

At a glance, it may seem too eye catchy to be true but usually many young people fall into such traps on the internet (due to lack of experience) for a sake of pocket income.

I can’t say(or rather have doubt) whether there is any real way to income without bare minimum effort or efficiency or knowledge on the specific stream.

But, if you are really looking for some authentic way to earn money sitting back at home, then this post is dedicated only for you.

In the next 5 mins, you will get to know, what is the way to make legit income?
where do you find them? and
how you can setup profile to start earnings genuine money, more than your pocket income?


Are you eligible to apply for the amazing programme, Let’s See:

But, before I begin to share the secret with you I just want to make sure that you fulfil the bare minimum criteria before applying to the programme I am about to reveal.

## Do you communicate with people in your circle and love to guide via info or source at per your knowledge?

## Do you spent time on internet but still couldn’t find how you can turn those time spent into money doing some rational activity?

## We are a social animal, so it’s obvious most of us love to share a thought, so do you fall into the category?

## You must be using a lot of daily products and services right from early morning till you go bed… right from toothpaste to Stay Well mattress, online electronic to fashion items, daily needs to social luxuries.

Then you must have a good or bad experience after using them.

Just wonder how long have you being keeping it inside you …


If all the answers to the above questions are Yes, then your long wait is over and your existing opinions will fetch you real money in return for sharing genuine reviews on the products or services to help other customers make a better decision while their next purchase.

This is the idea behind the largest customers review portal of India – founded by Faisal Farooqui .

I have been working with this organisation and I am really satisfied working and earning along with them.

Write Review and Change the world - Mouthshut


Let’s see what are the bare minimum quality you need to write a quality review & earn on MouthShut :

  • 1. Firstly, you need, to be honest to yourself and publish genuine opinion regarding a product or services you have used.
    Trust me they have a quality review team, and if you’re found copying writing from other sites you will get banned for plagiarism reason.
  • 2. The MS team claims to have 3 teams who checks for reviews for quality if they find an ambiguous or doubtful post they may disapprove them from #Write-Share-Win contest.
  • 3. #Write-Share-Win contest is the unique programme by MS which pays you 40 points for a negative review and 20 points for every positive review.
    (Note: Each point is equivalent to Rs. 1.
    40 points =Rs. 40 ; 20 points =Rs. 20)

How to participate on #WriteShareWin Contest

  • 4. You cannot post journals less than 400 characters and the content should be rational(not casual). Avoid grammatical errors, punctuation errors, proper and meaningful sentence construction is a must, else the team may reject your post application.
  • 5. Use of proper Bold, Underlying words, bullet points when a where needed is also another factor for good review post as mentioned in the T&C of MS.
  • 6. Should include a brief intro about the product, relevant cause for approval or disapproval of the product,
    include as much detail possible to define the issue with supporting reasons to make it more rational.
  • 7. This is although, for your reason, you must write a good opening header(as my other blogger friends will understand why it’s necessary) but for non-content publisher or newbie I just to add that, a compelling heading will add more meaning hence attract readers to your review post.



Apart from the necessary points I have mentioned here, you may go to the terms and policy section of their website before writing a post for Mouthshut. This is my suggestion.
So, if you a looking for Mouthshut, here is the link for you to APPLY @ MOUTHSHUT and earn money.

Please note: 
You can Signup using custom profile(by creating one of your own) or else you can even join via an existing valid Facebook or Google mail profile too.


CAN I APPLY to MS without having a platform like a blogger do?

If you’re still thinking whether you can apply without being a blogger or content publisher, don’t worry about that because, this is by far the best option to share your thought, earn good money without limit(as there is no limit to your post per day) without having a platform of your own (like or AbhirupSpeaks).

Join the programme #WriteShareWin following the link 


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  1. Bikram

    Great to know. That they pay money for real.

    But I checked, it was written write and share. Does that mean it is compulsory to share on facebook or twitter?

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