An exclusive tip that no one has told you before applying for a job


At a click of a button, you can easily find job boards like
Indeed, Naukri or Monster to name few, which will make you seem, easy to apply for a job online.
They even have an integrated system that keeps your C.V. in tow to readily submit.
In recent times, I have also found job portals offering one-click application services by auto filling personal information in the respective columns in minutes,
that often make you feel so easy and hassle free.
But, coming to the other side, I can even put a bet on it,
that you will never get a single response on any of these applications or procedures(if followed).
But, as I am always at the part of a solution, here is what I think you should do while applying for jobs –
Tip for Selling Yourself When Applying for Jobs


You must check the company’s website thoroughly before applying:


Basic reason for that:

The recruiters love to see candidates who have a special interest in that company or sectors.
They are more likely to pursue an applicant who has a similar background with the industry
or even better if the candidate has achieved an accolade
or recognition before at any of their past companies.
They would like to read a story about why you are applying now? (the purpose and the value you would offer to them for betterment).
Take your maximum time to research on the company’s about us page, their mission and values.
Try to incorporate them into your job history and cover letter.
This will make you stand apart from the rest,
applying for the job without doing the necessary homework.
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  1. R G Nithin

    Myself R G Nithin completed MBA in Finance in the year 2014 and I am fresher searching for job since from last two years please sir I have interest to work in our company.

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