Money Lover Review – Your Personal Expense Manager

This is undoubtedly a common problem to many youngsters,

How to manage daily expenses that go from your pocket without even realising?

Whether you’re a earned person who is working for a living or another school student who still look for pocket money.

We all love to save a bit at the end of a month, it’s not only for some special day planning with friends but also for financial security reason we all need to do that.

But, alas! How far can we do that consistently…? Ask yourself.

Just wonder if there is a money manager for you that can take all of your money management trouble into its own account, shouldn’t you consider yourself lucky… ?

Well, you’re already lucky as you’ve come reading so far, how can I upset you now?

Well, the application I have discovered will make your day, I believe.

Money Lover app, this a very trusted money management application available for any regular Android phone user- iOS user(Mac)- Windows user and also it’s free (yuppie!!).



Let’s see, what makes it so valuable for you:

Money Lover is actually an application tool that will help you to tackle all your expenses done on a daily note.

This tool also came handy to me because we’re in a time of cash crush where withdrawing money has become more difficult than any time before, so needless to say, money saved is money earned.

This tracker app allows you to manually enter your general transactions, in return to get a complete analytical data in the form of a pie chart of your spending which is sorted by categories.

All you need is to set a budget for each category like daily travel, food, shopping, recharge, bills, misc. etc. and you will be notified when close to that limit, isn’t it useful?

Money Manager helping to budget your expenses

You will also find a bar chart hinting you the probable trends of your net income.

Money Lover app is not connected to bank accounts or any investment portal account so it’s not a concern to those who don’t feel safe disclosing personal financial details to elsewhere.

That is why you need to add your recurring transaction manually into the system(so you can self-customise), but unlike other similar apps, this personal budgeting tool also allows you to add details of every income or expenses you make with titles, categories, add notes, pictures, reminders, etc.

This app supports everyone.

Yes, you heard me right, this is completely independent for all financial organisation so anyone from any place (any country) can make use of this app.

So, it’s your turn, go for it.

Here is the installation link which will redirect to the Google App Store.



Since this app is absolutely free you will often come across advertisement banners(below the app) although it didn’t affect my usage experience that much, but you can always get rid of those annoying ads(if you think so) by paying a one time of $2.00(upgrade fee) in the app purchase from Google Play store.

Just in case you haven’t installed yet, Here is the free installation link for you to Download and Try.


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Do also share how well this application is helping to save your money especially in this less cash situation.

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