My Quick Opinion on JioPhone : India Ka Smartphone (Same Day Review)




My Quick Opinion on JIO-Phone: India Ka Smartphone (Same Day Review)


It’s always a proud moment when you see your nation rising on top competing with the rest,
today when at ADM(held at Mumbai), the chairman of Reliance Industry Ltd. – Mr Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani showed us the stats that
India now has become the leading country in terms of mobile data consumption from the earlier 55th rank in the world within 10 months of Jio Launch
and will soon lead in the segment of broadband penetration as well.
It is also estimated that Indians now consumes 6 folds more data in comparing to what it was used before.
It shows how India is soon becoming a digitally advanced and technologically independent country.




Still, More Surprises to Offer!!! By JIO – Picture toh abhi shuru huya hai! :

What was unanticipated was the surprise launch of an advanced 4G enable phone to mass Indian at literally NO COST…!
Seemed weird?
No, it’s true … Let me explain how things will happen after 24th August(when Jio launch/or pre-booking its Phone). It may have prior booking schedule… it’s not official yet.



JioPhone, a bridge connecting millions on the journey to Digital India:



According to Jio, they say that presently Indian consumers use 78 Cr. Phones, yet 50 Cr.

Among them still, uses feature or in simple term basic mobile phone which seems very poor,
which means most of them could not make the full advantage/benefit out of technology in terms of smart communication in daily life,
so here Jio wanted to take part in solving the problem.
So, JioPhone will have all the features that is much beyond what other basic phone offers
like HD voice and video calling, interesting features like
voice command button that can be used to browse internet,
you can even do online payment by that 4G ready phone,
also will have an alphanumeric keypad, that our dads will feel easy at using – it’s it? and much more which I may illustrate in my later article if you insist so, do leave that in the comment section. I will give it a thought.


Now, all we have to do is a one-time refundable deposit as nominal as of Rs. 1500 which will be refunded after you use the phone for 3 years…
So, literally, Zero Cost device offer unlike any time before.
This JioPhone will also offer unlimited calling, text messages and other prime features and apps (that will also be pre installed)
that JIO used to offer existing customers at a very economical – unmatched data plan
one like Rs. 153 per month and much more which I may illustrate in a separate blog post if you insist in the comment sections.




The Final View on JioPhone:

To add my view on this entire plot before I conclude,
I strongly feel it worth more than the money that will be offered in terms of the benefit that was said in the event today.
Although, I don’t think I will find a Wifi Hotspot
but it’s more than fine to me considering the price of the device is to the hardware configuration
and the service that will be given by the network for a regular user like my mom n dad even yours too.
It will even be a decent secondary dynamic phone for a power user of 2017 as well, this is my personal belief.


Do leave what do you think about the device, its confirmation. Do you feel the refundable deport amount is justified?
Are you willing to buy the device-JioPhone as soon it launches by JIO?

Let me know if you want me to write an illustrative post on Jio-Phones hardware features in details and it’s upcoming possible plan updates along with my own pick?

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Love you all,
bye till my next post.
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