Don’t Like to Type for your Blog Post? You can now dictate your Stories/Article using Speech to Text feature on Mac



Today I have got a very interesting fact to share for an online influencer or a blogger and if you are an Apple/Mac lover then this will be even more exciting as it will enhance your productivity at work … trust me!

It is often said by many individuals or professionals that once you get in touch working with Apple products it’s hard to get back to your regular devices again.

Today’s fact/the interesting functionality that I am going to discuss is another reason why those people(including me) say like that.

Especially, if you’re a professional content publisher or a blogger and you had to deal with a lot of projects simultaneously,

so does a good amount of writing.

Oh yes, although we have shifted a bit from traditional pen-paper, chalk-duster and manuscripts to digital world over the period and it does save time too

but as we are moving forward commitments to are getting larger as do the competitions.

So, we need to work even smarter to excel.

In the hunt for a better alternative I have recently found and successfully implemented a smart feature called Speech to Text Conversion that will be applicable on Apple Mac devices/desktops/iPods etc.



What is Speech to Text Conversion?

Who Needs It?

This is a smart yet a hidden feature on your Mac device which many users haven’t come across, I believe and if you’re an avid writer/blogger or need to take down running notes in class or at press conference/events as a journalist you can’t risk skipping this post.

How Does It Work on Mac?

Speech to Text Conversion is an amazing feature on Apple Mac that will help you to record your voice and convert them to texts on a digital notepad, to enable the feature you just need to Double-Press(Click) the function key(Fn) while recording.

This simple technique that will enable the inbuilt functionality on Mac OS X can give your tired fingers some relief and your task uninterrupted.

I have recently applied this technique not only on my blog posts but also to write official applications, take reference notes, emails etc.



You must try this feature from now and do write your feedback in the COMMENT BOX below,

you can also write to me if you have issues understanding the process I would love to guide you individually too.

If you find this journal or tips interesting and helpful don’t keep it to yourself SHARE it in your circles and help like-minded friends with knowledge.

Visual Courtesy: [pat138241] at FreeDigitalPhotos & Apple

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