CHITIKA ADs Review: Ultimate Guide to choose the Best AdSense Alternative to Earn Money from your Blog

If you are a content publisher online or you own a blog or content website you need revenue in return for the expense of running a portal and the effort you put in to make the site worth reading by your target audience.

When we talk about content monetization methods, one of the passive way to make money through your blog is definitely contextual ad networks.

Although, AdSense leads the ranking of the most profitable and widely accepted network in this segment but there remains a catch.

Because of the strictly listed terms and conditions by Google, AdSense approval is often denied to many websites.

Even if you have already approved your website with Adsense and feeling relaxed, there is no guarantee that your blog won’t get a disapproval after that or discontinue the revenue partnership with you, due to various factors (when a site contradict to T&C cited by Google),
and why did I say so?
Well, not to scare you(…laughs) but to make you aware….!!!

Very recently, a few fellow bloggers in my circle have informed me that such incident has happened to them, which they are trying to figure now.

There arise the cause to hunt for another alternative, and luckily you do find a lot of them searching GoogleRIGHT?
but the question lies which one is trustworthy or has an equivalent ROI to AdSense.

After a long search and quality recommendations, I choose to opt for another alternative network call Chitika Ads.

Install Chitika Ads to maximize earning from blog-website

Chitika is very similar to what AdSense offer and after I continue with the service integrating to my website, I will share the unique experience which nobody told you before.


What is Chitika Ad Network?

Google AdSense Alternative - Online Contextual Ad Network for blog and online publishers

Chitika is an Online Contextual Ad Network which shows Ads on your blog. The difference is, it shows advertisements based on readers search queries and it has similar models just like Adsense.

You will also find high-quality ads on your site as this network is tied with leading partners worldwide like Yahoo, Home Advisor, Super Media etc.


Proofs on trustworthiness of Chitika Ads Network:

Chitika is trusted by over 3.5 Lakhs online publishers which also includes Pro-Blogger of India(Tech) like Harsh Agarwal.

Amar Thakur of ThakurBlogger(a prominent tech-SEO blogger from Jammu) also relies on this network for a period.

Here you can join the Program (for FREE)


What did I like about this Network(Chitika Ad Network)?



I am using this network for months and the below key points, the reason I consider this as the alternative to Google AdSense.

#1. Getting your Blog approval is Easy:

Unlike Google Adsense this network allows you to get your site approved very quick and easily.
Once you create an account you can display Ads using Chitika Ads Network on your platform without hassles.

#2. The Minimum Withdrawal Limit is 1/10 in comparison to Google’s Network:

This is the best part, usually, in other networks(like Adsense) you have to cross as a minimum to 100$ before you can withdraw the money earned, whereas in Chitika – the minimum redemption limit is only 10$.

#3. Display ADS of high quality:

This is another crucial part, we all are concerned about visitors experience,isn’t it?
The quality of visual ads skillfully combined with the core content (which includes text, graphics or videos)plays a crucial role.
So, Chitika’s high-quality ads won’t let down your reputation.

#4. Payment via PayPal gateway:

As like other standard networks it lets you redeem via world’s most dependable payment gateway – PayPal.
You can also redeem payment via Check(in this case it’s $50 minimum limit)



What I dislike about this Network(Chitika Ads)?



#1. They follow the PPC model only:

You will earn only if your visitors click on the ads. So, it’s a pay per click only model and you won’t get paid per 1000 viewers visit(page impression) as like Adsense.

#2. Pay per Click earning is relatively low than Google Adsense or Yahoo’s Ad Network:

I have been using this network for a few months, at per my observation from the backend dashboard the payment per click is relatively lower than few other top graded networks like Adsense or Yahoo’s Ad Network or Propellers Ads.

#3. Ads based on visitors search results:

Ads that are displayed is based on your visitors search history or commonly searched items on the web and not based on the content of your article that’s a little downside to it but it’s ok as your visitors will see promotions based on the queries that they have done on the internet recently.

As I have already said, this network is GOOGLE Adsense alternative, so if you haven’t applied or got approval from Adsense this will be your next choice to make legit money from your blog or article.

You get early and easy approval from Chitika Ads and if you ask me how much you will earn? It will depend on your effort, quality & consistency in your post. Oh, yes there are a few Ad placement tips that you can follow.

  • # You can place your ads above the fold or just below the HEADLINE titles.
  • # You will have a good chance to get a click if your ads are placed inside the post body, somewhere in the middle.
  • # You can even try to place an ad just below the post(where your article ends), you get a good ad visibility there and chance to get more clicks.


If you are still wondering how to Set-up Chitika Ads on your Blog or finding difficulties while trying, please drop in your issues in the comment box below or wait for my next post I will be Illustratively Explaining & Guiding you with Installing and Setting Up The Chitika Ad Network for your Blog.

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    Seems like Infolinks and Chitika did not work for me, so have had to find out other ways of monetizing my sites, which worked quite good on some of my wordpress sites by using Ads1K Official Plugin from

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