How a Simple Daily Walk can act as Anti-Aging Therapy Process


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I used to wonder why marathon enthusiasts or athletics looks youthful or live a longer life, well, I got the answer a few days back when I was reading about or following a study done by the European Society of Cardiology(ESC) Congress.

It said, if an individual gets into a habit of a daily routine moderate exercise, as light as a simple walk or jogging, will have several anti-aging benefits; yes don’t be surprised, it is as true as you may add up an extra 4 years to 7 years in your life span without medical aid.
Although I am regular in walking all day long, so I have no such issues in that, but as my study was going on in this topic I learnt a lot & had enough reason to make my walking more organised and in routine, why?
This is not only exciting but gave me a lot of inspiration to take an action for the interest of my life, and I already have taken a stand to wake up early for a jogging season at E.M. Bypass.

What about you?


How a simple daily walk can act as anti-aging therapy process

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Just to remind you that this is not the only exercise form to remain well in life, but this is the simplest you can think of. I bet.

Walking to me is the perfect habit which gets you out to breath free either before (excellent if it’s at early morning) or after (fair enough if you can manage at the evening) coming down from a closed office environment. By this, it not only provides a mental relief alongside it give you a great physique, most importantly a fitter you.


If you need some more reason to make walking a habit, well I have few more to offer:


Let’s consider if you take part in an activity, a daily jogging; over a period it will boost your heart rate, or improves your immune system and metabolism, regulates your hormone level consistently, isn’t that great for you.

It’s from the opinion of various doctors I meet, walking not only help to arrest or shed down overweight, it protects various other life treating diseases as well.

If you don’t find enough time to give yourself, at least manage 20 to 25 minutes out of your daily schedule for a regular habit of walking, although it’s not mandatory but if you love yourself it’s a must-to-do-thing.

Well, you must have faced this situation before, after a heavy meal at a party felt lazy and low of enthusiasm; Dr. says its. due to shedding down of blood sugar level in your body, which can well be prevented if you do an after meal light walk;

Try it.

It worked in my case after I have been advised by my physician.

You must have read the book Calm Energy: How people regulates mood with food & exercise by Robert Thayer (I recommend you to read), which says

“Just 10 minutes of walking at the pace you would use if you were late for a meeting – without the stress of being late – can boost your mood for two hours”


I Suggest You Read: Calm Energy: How People Regulate Mood with Food and Exercise by Robert Thayer


Tips you can follow, if you have already taken walking/jogging seriously(by now) –

Tips you can follow, before going out for a walk-jogging

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Advice was taken from my trainer, on some basic technique to follow:


  • 1. Your head should be up, looking forward while walking/jogging(not towards the road)


  • 2. You should always relax you neck, shoulder, and back(put the body as relaxed possible)


  • 3. You must not stiffen yourself, rather your arms should swing free with slightly bending the elbows.


  • 4. It’s better to slightly tighten your stomach muscle, and try to straighten your back while the movement(be it light walk or jogging)


  • 5. Never run on your toes, a bad practice I used to do before I got myself rectified by my trainer(earlier). It’s a good practice to jog or walk slow but roll your foot from heel to toe.


Well, these are the lessons I learnt and practice for my well-being at life.

If you find it useful I suggest you to start applying from the next day, oh yes- don’t forget to share it in your circle on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus Circle, LinkedIn, & pin it on Pinterest.
I would love to hear some of your daily routine & practices that you may like to advise me and my readers too, write it down in the comment section below, I am waiting.

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