How to Make a Career from Home: Genuine Monetization Method



This is 2016 and we see India racing ahead with innovative ideas in the field of business, commerce, sports, art n culture etc.

Progressive India, yes this is the name the world is attributing to our nation. In the last one decade we have seen there is a growth of a new form of development in entrepreneurship called start-up and by such aggressive initiatives by many Young Turks, India has now owned a trendy title “Start-up India”.
But what about the other side of India which is not so progressive – yes, I mean to say the unemployed Indian youth.

Although I am not here to comment or criticise political issues, or Neta-Mantri’s. But can you tell me what is the fault of our urban youth base?

Is it because that they are qualified graduates or postgraduates with skills and abilities, or is it because, that they are the young generation, full of energy and possibilities. So, why couldn’t they even start-up with a good career, don’t they deserve it?
I am sure, this kind of thought comes to your mind as well. So what do you do?
Feel frustrated with the view point nothing can be done? or labelling, there is no hope left in this state or since most of the politicians are chors & scammers , so better sit back and again start blaming… (laughs).

We need a solution to it, right? So let’s head on to the purpose.

Let’s be a little more self-sufficient and take the responsibility of our own careers, but you might be thinking how to proceed? Well, this is where this blog post will come useful.

In this journal I am going to talk about an alternative career option you will feel excited, and why did I say excited? It’s because you can start making money without doing a traditional 10 to 5 job (which you may or may not be interested in)

How to Make a Career from Home

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Follow what you do better, don’t allow the noise of others to take control of your life :

There is common trend that every common youngster follow, they feel ok to follow-up with traditional & talked about streams(having a feeling it’s sure-shot success path) like engineers, doctors and if this doesn’t work, opts for govt jobs(assuming that it’s very easy) until they eventually realise after half-a-decades that it’s too competitive, only a hand full of candidates can get through.

I have a different set of opinion, well what’s the point of this rat-race? All Indian seem to have a birthright to sit for either medical entrance, IIT/Joint entrance or CAT/GMAT for MBA and if all of them fails(in your academic span) it’s the Bengali’s favourite Sarkari Chakri (Govt. Jobs entrance) enrolment at institutes, where the penetration level according to stat record is 1% among all the applicants participate at each gov’t. exam.

Let’s look around for an alternate opportunities which most of the person’s(as you,one right at this moment are) are not even bothered about, yet has lot of scopes to many unsolved sectors you can take part, today I will be talking about one of such alternate stream you can give a thought.


An alternative way to earn a living from home with a basic set-up :

Among all other sectors of business or its opportunity, there is a stream which I personally believe has lot of scopes, and its rightful way of content creation & it’s publishing,

  • By written content creation & publishing via Blog
  • By creating & publishing audio/visual content via video sharing channels(YouTube or Vimeo or Facebook’s Video) – commonly terms as Video-Blogging or Vlogging
  • Creating only audio and publishing them on Podcasting platform like Soundcloud.

and the reason behind my saying is, there is a lot of confusion & scarcity on proper information creation and its exchange between those who need the most. You have a good option to participate as a responsible content maker with authentic information to share in your niche, on the topic, you really care or passionate about and have in-depth knowledge to discuss.
If you’re more interested in writing than Blog is a good option, or else make a video on the topic you love to discuss on and help your audience with practice solution or entertain them with related topics. If you are a singer or do recitation passionately put it up on podcasting channels like sound-cloud your audience will definitely encourage you with quality feedbacks.

In my last blog, I have written a detailed account on Blogging & it’s fundamentals, I recommend you read for better understanding.


In this blog post, I will continue to discuss how you can earn real money from blog right from your place with an initial basic step up of your platform and few hardware need to go along.


Ways(monetization options) to make real money from home with basic set-up:

Assuming that you have already read my previous publication on fundamentals of blogging, and have already set-up a blog (or about to very soon) of your own, but that’s not all, we all need to earn money right? So I will detail all about making real money online.


  • Affiliate Marketing:


If you are good at a particular subject or entity to say lifestyle n fashion or food or photography etc. and feel confident that you understand, also can able to help like-minded people with guidance and reviews on products and services, affiliate marketing is an ideal choice to make money.

Affiliate Marketing is a type of Performance Based Marketing, which means if you have the ability to help, guide and influence your audience to make a buying decision, you can put links inside your blog to a product or service offered through an affiliate partner – [in some cases you have the options to give a better deal (with discounts) than others being a promising affiliate partner with leading brands].

If your visitors click on that link and eventually make a purchase you get a good cut of the cost. I too have a lot of affiliate partners like Amazon India,, Snapdeal, etc.

But before you start partnering with such networks it is always useful to remember:
  • You must only promote a brand and it’s product which is relevant to your niche.
  • It is always a fair, transparent, and safe to review, discuss, or promote services or products that you personally use and believe, this is what I do. Don’t get influenced by money because your audience is the most valuable partner for whom you have built this website, pay respect to their trust.
  • It’s always fair to include a disclaimer on your website footer or header(depending on your blog design) as to not mislead viewers.

It is also a good idea to experiment even with small brands, alternatively with big brands or affiliate networks like ClickBank or LinkShare or Amazon Associates.
You can accept offers for e-books or online courses(affiliate sale) from fellow bloggers, which can give you a better return as it is very relevant to your set of audience in accordance to your blog.


  • Google AdSense Network:

By Google AdSense Monetization method you earn by displaying advertisements on your blog or website.

This monetization model by Google.Inc is very popular among major website publishers. You also have the option to run this ad model on your Youtube Channel as well along with your blog or websites.


What are the ways to make money by AdSense Network?

There are two ways Google’s Adsense work for you to earn money:

  1. Based on impression :
    Adsense-Monetisation-by-CPMTechnically Google has termed it as Cost Per Milli(CPM) which means you get paid based on the number of page views(Blog or Website or YouTube) for every 1000 views. Let’s site an example, you have a blog which had 10,000 viewer’s visits last month, so for every 1000 views let you get a set of cash – X (depends on the ad auction value), so for your 10,000 views you will earn 10X the total amount for the month.


  1. Based on Clicks : 
    Google-Adsense-Cost-Per-Click(CPC)Technically it is termed as Cost Per Click(CPC) and this method it strictly regardless of page views. If a visitor comes and clicks an ad from your website, you get to earn a set of the ad revenue portion(which is obviously higher than the CPM model), and the range will also depend on the ad value.


Platforms that support AdSense Network :
  1. Google’s own blog hosting network – Blogger support displaying ads via AdSense
  2. YouTube Channel- for audio/visual content publishing portal also has the option to monetize by partnering with Ad Network – AdSense
  3. A self-hosted blog or website on WordPress ( is also compatible with the display ad network called AdSense.
    In this case, please note that it won’t work for a free WordPress blog( – can only be monetized by WordAds-a WordPress ad network only if the website has a custom domain)

Please note : You should not click on your own website ads as Google will penalise even to an extent of cancelling your partnership with AdSense forever. To learn about other essential terms of use in detail visit Google’s site before applying for AdSense.


  • Google AdSense Alternative –

    Infolinks, in-text advertising networks:

Although I am in favour of AdSense by Google.Inc but for many publishers or newbie bloggers there is an odd side of it too, there is a chance that you may get rejected in your first attempt(due to Adsense Strict Terms & Policy Violation or less of content on your website etc. to say few), don’t get disheartened. There is a great news!

Infolinks, in-text-advertising-network

Infolinks – in-text advertising is by far the best alternative ad network to Google’s AdSense Programme, the best part of Infolinks, it is easy to customise & integration is hassle free, you can even run this programme along with AdSense Ads without violating terms & policy(for those who are an active AdSense Partner)


Learn more on Infolinks from the Demo Video below & this will give you an idea how this network work, what kind of ad will be displayed on your site & how will you get benefited…

Discover what Infolinks smart ads can do for you. … have an account? – GET FREE SIGNUP




Suggested Reading :Infolinks Complete Review with guidance by Harsh(Pro Blogger from India)


  • Paid Reviews for Brands:

If you are one of such bloggers who see the Blog as your career, you must be serious in your writing as well, so I can assume the fact that you have a loyal audience base and a decent amount of traffic. So why not think about Reviewing for other company product or services or it’s brand on your website. This kind of paid journals is commonly termed as Paid Reviews or Sponsored Blog Post, where you detailed on a particular products pros and cons guiding your audience with an unbiased viewpoint. In return the sponsors pay you for the research, evaluation & writing a review for them, which will motivate readers about the company’s service although this is also true, a blogger is not obliged to write a positive opinion on paid reviews, rather he should be unbiased.

A Paid Review-Journal like this : Cam-Scanner – SmartPhone App Review


  • Banner Advertisements:

As I continue with the previous reference, you can also get an offer from the sponsor to put a banner ad(usually placed in the sidebar) even after the review post is done, they may pay you usually monthly or sometimes on a quarterly basis. This can be one of your sustainable income sources as well.


  • e-Book Publishing:

As I conclude with this final point, I find a reason to include e-book writing & publishing as this is very useful not only for you to make money but also adds value to your loyal readers, it comes very handy for them to download it, read offline in leisure.
I have read, learnt from many expert’s recommendations, one of them is Harsh from ShoutMeLoud or even Amit Agarwal from Labnol (the popular names in blogging network from India).
As these ProBlogger’s do, you can also take advantage of many self-publishing(retailer’s) networks like Flipkart books or Amazon India or even showcase on your own blog like Purba Chakraborty – the blogger/poet/author who does publish her books online.

I suggest my reader to go through Purba’s blog, you can also find her well-written books on amazon site as well as on her blog.

Purba Chakraborty Books in Stores Online

Hey, how many of the above monetization method have you tried for your blog or website, do comment below. If you have also tried some other monetization platform, do share it below how is the experience I would love to attribute your name & addon your set of method to the above-mentioned list of mine.

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